For a passionate person it is of immense source of enjoyment to feel at home anywhere, while one is away from home. Be the citizen of the world, be at the very center of the world and yet be unseen to the world, Incognito!

Such are some of the simple pleasures of intense, impartial and independent minds. These thinking minds bring creativity.

We invite such lovely people to Incognito, a lifestyle restaurant and a café. Well along with your meal, you have a choice of a glass of wine or beer or anything other drink that relaxes you.

We would like to share our passion with you. We welcome you to Incognito. Hope you enjoy being Incognito, while we serve you.

The restaurant has a dazzling international menu incorporating succulent steaks & grills, soulful soups, exotic salads, superb pizzas, burgers & sandwiches. Or there is exotic pick from European or South Asian or Mexican menu. And of course, tender Indian kebabs & hearting curries, if you so desire.